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Mai Lucas Photography

Paris, FR

· Projects,Photography,Paris

"Mai Lucas, an experienced photographer, is also an attentive observer of the styles and creativity with which people strive to shine on the streets of large cities. She was very early immersed in a very creative cultural mix and today she creates superb images inspired by street culture. "

- Partfaliaz. (July 2010)

She exerts her talent both in magazines (Elle, Mixte, Wad, Technik Art, New York Time, Air France Magazine, Trace, Le Monde, Libération, Next, Vibe, Stiletto ...) (Deezer, Chupa Chups, Decathlon, SFR, Orange, Citroen and Smart) or fashion (APC, Levi's, Paule Ka, Xuly Bet, Comme des Garçons, Bill Tornado, Lancel ...) May Lucas also operates in music and made album covers for Tricky, Salif Keita, Natalia M. King, Yaniss Odua, La Fouine, Big Noyd ... At the same time, Mai Lucas presented his work on street culture and Ethnic minorities through various exhibitions in France, notably in Vichy, in 2016, for the Festival portrait (s) or in Paris in the galleries OFR, Speerstra and at the 104. She published a book on hip-hop culture in New York for years 90, "Maï / JonOne" to the Drago editions.


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