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What We See In The New Year

At Elefantly we keep up to date with web trends like others keep of with fashion. Just over a month into 2017 and we can see the shift in website trends. Here's a great article by inkbotdesign

Big, bold typography

Oftentimes we come across the consensus that the content that you provide on your site’s pages should be put front and central.

In 2017, we expect to come across more bold, outstanding fonts that captivate the users’ eye once they land on your site.

The fonts shouldn’t necessarily be huge and bold. What we are talking about is the real estate dedicated to presenting a certain statement on the page.This is when whitespace comes in handy. Providing a clear message to the target audience also brings the main goal of your site to the foreground. This makes it far easier to understand said message.

Bright Colours

Colours are expected to get brighter, bringing a more fun presentation to web resources.

Minimalist, clean layouts were in demand in 2016. In 2017, the situation will change, with brighter and more captivating looks starting to dictate web design fashion. Bold, enthusiastic colours mixed with gradients, as well as blurred bold hues – that is exactly what we expect to see in the upcoming year.

Focus on Animation

Animation has been long playing a leading role in digital media. By means of animation, you can make your web resource more usable and interactive. In 2017 animation will help web designers come up with more impressive tools to build interactive interfaces. If we refer to the words that the animation design guru Val Head proclaimed at 2016’s Design & Content Conference:

“designers should build animations as per the brand voice and image.” Thus, they can come up with animations that play a meaningful role on the brand’s webpage.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is expected to become one of the leading web design trends in 2017. Recently, we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of innovative technologies. This is the trend that will sound appealing to the avid gamers. Not only websites related to promoting video games but also marketing will enjoy virtual reality in 2017. What we are talking about here is featuring 360-degree videos, impressive animations, and 3D effects.

More Parallax

Parallax scrolling is an indispensable component of websites incorporating virtual reality. The technique in not new.

We have already seen websites and ready-made designs that make use of the parallax scrolling animation. Some even think that it will not be popular in 2017 any longer. But the trend gains its position among the top web design trends to watch out for this year. Compared to the previous years, the technique is expected to evolve. Besides making layers move at different speeds, it will grow into a clever mouse-based movement. One of the key criteria to almost every web design trend for 2017 is bringing a touch of reality to a virtual design. The more real the movement on screen looks like the more likely it will captivate a wider audience.

Less Menu Options

In 2016, many websites were redesigned with fewer navigation options included. This is perhaps the trend that will get more popular next year. Header menus that included 5-7 points will be now reduced to the ones containing 3-4 elements.

What’s the reason for such a change? Fewer choices make it far easier for the users to come up with the right content they are looking for.

Custom Illustrations

Although the trend is not new, it will become more popular in 2017. Custom illustrations will add a personal touch to your web resource. By means of visual cues, you can deliver your message to the visitors with interactive storytelling. Custom illustrations can work as visual indexes, which guide the users’ eye to the areas that are of the biggest importance as CTAs.

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